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The most unique factor of my practice is that I am a “one-man show,” meaning that I handle both the legal and clerical matters in every case. Because I file the motions and type the correspondence, instead of letting someone else do the everyday work, I know everything that is happening on each case from the beginning to end. I am also able to offer an hourly rate less than most attorneys with my level of experience, which enables me to help many more deserving clients who need someone willing to fight for them and might not otherwise be able to afford an attorney with so many years of acquired legal skills.

While the majority of my cases deal with family law, I also have experience in the areas of real estate, collections and small business formation and operation. My experience as a Commissioner and Judge Pro Tem in the Pierce County courts allows me to have extra insight into how these cases are evaluated and determined. If you need a Tacoma Attorney, call me, Attorney Kevin M. Boyle, and I will do my best to get the best results for you.

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