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Kevin M. Boyle, Attorney at Law: A Tacoma Family Law Attorney You Can Trust

The bulk of my work as a Tacoma attorney involves family matters such as divorce and legal separation. I am passionate about family law and determined to guide Tacoma families through the complexities of the local legal system.


The majority of my valued clients wish to pursue divorce. They recognize the potential for stress during this process and prefer to work with someone who will advocate strongly on their behalf.

Ready to end your marriage and start fresh? I can help you file for divorce or respond if a spouse has filed. Additionally, I can assist you with the many complications that may arise during the divorce process, including child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, and property division. If you choose to mediate your divorce, I can provide valuable counsel before and during this process. I have an extensive trial background that will prove useful should litigation prove necessary.

Legal Separation

Not all couples desire to legally dissolve their marriages, and some do not have the ability, as they are not married in the first place. Whether you are a cohabitating couple, in a domestic partnership, or simply interested in retaining marriage-related healthcare or retirement benefits, legal separation may be your best option. In many cases, separation involves the same process and complications as divorce, including custody and property issues. I will guide you through these considerations so you can make the most of a difficult situation.


Unmarried fathers in the midst of legal separation often find it difficult to establish custodial rights. In other cases, alleged fathers wish to prove that they are not the parent of their former partner’s child — if they fail to do so, they may be on the hook for extensive child support payments. I am determined to help my clients establish paternity or a lack thereof. Typically, this process involves opening a parentage case with the Department of Child Services. The court or prosecutor may require you, the mother, and the mother’s child to submit to genetic testing.

Strong emotions are only natural as you pursue divorce or legal separation. During this difficult time, it’s important to work with a Tacoma family law attorney you can trust. Reach out to learn more about the services I offer and my approach to family law.

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