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There’s more to divorce than fighting bitterly with your ex-spouse. Through mediation, the two of you can arrive at an acceptable arrangement while remaining congenial and cooperative.

A skilled family lawyer may prove instrumental as you seek to resolve your differences via mediation. I boast a thorough understanding of this divorce approach and can help you make acceptable compromises without giving up your main priorities.

Benefits of Mediation

Stereotypes indicate that every divorce or legal separation is lengthy, expensive, and full of drama. This is occasionally true, but mediation allows many couples to resolve their differences in a cooperative manner while saving time and money. Through mediation, both parties can safely make their stance known — and both have sway over the final resolution. This paves the path to a better post-divorce relationship, which leads to more harmonious co-parenting. In many regions, mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is actively required before parties involved in a dispute can even pursue litigation.

Working With a Tacoma Mediation Attorney

You aren’t technically required to have a lawyer by your side as you pursue mediation, but it certainly can help. Your lawyer can play a valuable role in securing your best interests through mediation, while still facilitating a spirit of cooperation.

Lawyers involved in the mediation process primarily provide counsel for their clients. This can occur throughout the entirety of the process, or simply during a pre-mediation consultation. All mediation services must be conducted in a non-adversarial manner, in which both parties behave amicably and take responsibility for achieving a favorable resolution. The ideal Tacoma mediation attorney can foster a harmonious mediation environment, while still helping you advocate for your best interests. This is a fine line to navigate, but I am more than capable of delivering the resolution you want while still cooperating with your ex.

Kevin M. Boyle, Attorney at Law: Compassionate Mediation Services

Are you determined to avoid a stressful courtroom battle? Mediation may be your best option. I can provide the in-depth counsel needed to secure a successful resolution as you negotiate various property division and child custody options with your former spouse. Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn how you can keep the cost and hassle of divorce to a minimum by pursuing mediation.

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